They’re not teenagers, mutants, ninjas, or turtles, but if you’re looking for the real masters of the bo, sai, katana or nunchaku you need to get on the first flight to Okinawa.  

Hokama sensei with bo

Tomimoto sensei with sai

Hamamoto sensei with katana

Kuniyoshi sensei with nunchaku

Okinawa is the birthplace of karate. It is also the home of kobudo which uses weapons including the bo staff, nunchaku and sai. Hamamoto is a master of iaido.

Images are from the Karate Masters Portrait Project documenting the iconic sensei of Okinawa.  February, 2013, Japan. Text and photography by Chris Willson/Travel 67  on Flickr

(Source:, via rootbeerflotsam)



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